Koi: A Principled Project

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2 min readMar 11, 2021


The Koi Protocol, although in its infancy, has changed shape many times. Iteration is necessary as we push for strategic capital and align with our ecosystem partners. Other changes manifested when new opportunities within the blockchain space were quickly addressed. The effort better positions the Koi Protocol and its applications for meaningful adoption. All of this adaptive progress is occurring alongside the development of the Koi testnet.

Despite this rapid change, Koi remains true to its founding principles.

Open, Verified, Permanent
Early development has not affected Koi’s ideals around open, verifiable, and permanent information. Koi is a principled project with a large vision. The solidity of those principles despite challenges is something we’re excited about at Open Koi.

Developments and ideas around potential network applications consistently converge on Koi’s principles. We see this convergence as validation that the principles are universally understood, and practical.

Grounded idealism combined with execution is a unique force of nature.

Koi’s vision of an open, verifiable, and permanent information system has inspired the interest of a diverse community. Equally diverse are the reasons why the Koi Protocol provokes such inspiration. Individuals focus on those aspects of Koi which motivate their personal creativity and idealism. The implications of the Koi Protocol span many domains. This creates a unique opportunity for a robust and collaborative ecosystem to grow.

Next Steps
We must now establish awareness around Koi’s foundational principles for the good of our community. We aim to cultivate a community where members maintain a sense of these principles over time. As a result of this understanding, individuals are empowered to move Koi forward in new and bold ways.

To accomplish this, we will release lightweight educational materials on our website, our blog, and our community Discord chat. This information will also be circulated on other platforms, when relevant.

Awareness of our principles is the foundation from which our community grows. We look forward to building on these principles and seeing truly great innovations emerge.



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